AFOF The RSL Australian Forces Overseas Fund (AFOF) provides two packages each year to all Australian Defence Force and Australian Police serving overseas.AFOF Relies on volunteers who give so freely of their time to assist in the preparation of the packages and we are most grateful for this support.Please click on the button to make your contribution.
RSL Foundation

The RSL Foundation, whose activities are primarily carried out of the National Headquarters of the League, enables the League to conduct welfare and other activities in the public interest, for the benefit of returned and services personnel and the public generally.

Donations $2 and over to this Foundation are tax deductible.

Jubilee Commemorative Fund of the RSL

This Trust enables the League to promote understanding and friendship between Australia and neighbouring countries, particularly those in the Asia-Pacific region. The Trust also enables the League to assist the families of ex-servicemen in that region who are in need, and families of ex-servicemen in countries presently or formerly members of the Commonwealth of Nations. The Trust also provides:

  • education assistance during their tertiary or subsequent studies, to young Australians, especially, but not solely, to those who are dependants of veterans and in necessitous circumstances; to those of aboriginal descent  and to those undertaking studies affecting issues in the Region;

  • education assistance to young people in the Region;

  • assistance to families in need in the Region especially for their relief, care, welfare and education;

  • support advisors to, or social or development projects in the Region where a specific need exists affecting the community; and

  • contribution to any other activities, including fundraising on behalf of not for profit nationally recognised aid organisations, that will contribute to benefits and international goodwill in the Region.

Scholarships and other educational programs:

  • The RSL Reg Saunders Scholarship, awarded annually to assist indigenous students during their tertiary studies to gain professions or skills which will benefit the indigenous community.

  • RSL Scholarships, awarded annually for Australian veterans' children in necessitous and deserving circumstances, while undertaking tertiary education in Australia.

  • Kapyong Scholarships. These scholarships are awarded annually to children.

Annual grants are made to support the exchange of medical students to PNG, Fiji and Vietnam through the Northern Clinical School, Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney and the Hoc Mai exchange program.·   


Centenary Account

The purpose of the centenary Account is to establish a financial vehicle at the National level to mark the centenary of the RSL by the creation of significant national endeavours that will improve and enhance the effectiveness of the League in meeting its principal objectives.

The main objectives include:

  • by engaging in selective construction and capital works projects to ensure the presentation of the memory and the records of those who suffered and died for the nation.

  • By initiating, assisting and collaborating in community projects, in particular those with a welfare orientation or otherwise encouraging community participation designed to promote the further development of a stable and progressive society.

The Mona Tait & May Hayman Memorial Fund

This Fund commemorates the bravery of two Nursing Sisters, formerly of the Canberra Community Hospital, both of whom were murdered by Japanese troops during World War II.  Sister Mona Tait was killed on the shores of Banka Island whilst attached to the 8th Australian Division and May Hayman was killed when she was attached to an Anglican Mission in Papua New Guinea.  The Fund was initiated by staff of the old Canberra Hospital but after some time they requested it be transferred to the RSL National Trustees.

The Trust Fund enables books to be purchased from accrued interest and presented to the Nurses’ Library at the Faculty of Nursing at the University of Canberra each year.  

RSL National Welfare and Disaster Fund

This charitable Fund was established for the purpose for the relief of persons in Australia who are in necessitous circumstances.

Donations $2 and over to this Fund are tax deductible.


The Victoria Cross & Historic Medals Trust (including the Special Commemorative Plaques Account)

This Trust allows the League to assist in the purchase of historic medals for display to the public in museums and in particular the Australian War Memorial.

Donations $2 and over to this Fund are tax deductible.

The Mountbatten Memorial Fund

This Fund, which was established in 1979, perpetrates the memory of Lord Louis Mountbatten.  The invested capital of the Fund is maintained and the interest earned is provided annually to the Royal Commonwealth Ex-Services League (RCEL) to assist in relieving distress and hardship among disadvantaged ex-servicemen and women in countries presently or formerly members of the Commonwealth of Nations.

Hellenic Memorial Fund 

This Trust Fund was established to hold the residual funds remaining after the completion of the Hellenic Memorial in ANZAC Parade, Canberra.  Contributions from the 6th Australian Division Association and the Preveli Monastery Fund in Western Australia also contributed to the Fund.

Earnings from this Fund provide each year two scholarships awarded in Greece to assist Cretan students under the age of 25 to undertake tertiary education in Greece.  One scholarships is named as the 6th Australian Division Scholarship and one named the Preveli Monastery Scholarship.  As well, an annual donation is made to the Bishop of Spili’s Destitute Fund.

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